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Create experiences
that inspire people.

Embrace life's journey.

We have big dreams at iXperience, but we know achieving them involves taking one step at a time.

We see every day as an opportunity to learn from each other and build something we believe in. But we know that working hard doesn't mean you have to let life pass you by, so we strive for a balanced, active lifestyle at every opportunity we get.

A workplace focused on personal growth and community.

Dream big. Take small steps.

We have huge ambitions at iX, and we know achieving them takes consistent, hard work. While we dream huge, we put our focus on weekly, measurable results.

Become a learning machine.

The hunger to learn drives everything we do. It's why we experiment and take bold, calculated risks. It's also why teammates give candid feedback, even when it's uncomfortable.

Build meaningful relationships.

We believe that knowing your team personally and professionally fosters more trust, collaboration, and accountability. It's also more fun to work alongside people you consider good friends.

Live life to the fullest.

We strive for balance between achieving results and maximizing life. We empower our team to take epic holidays, stay physically active, and spend time with those they love most.

Choose the role that will maximize your potential.

Create the future of learning.

We're on a mission to redefine what it means to learn in the 21st century—to make learning experiences more inspirational, more challenging, and more individualized. We're a small company, but we hold ourselves to the same standard as the world's premier universities.

Open Positions

Head Teacher or TA

Cape Town or Lisbon / Full-time June - July

Head of Talent

Cape Town, ZA / Full-Time

How our education team thinks

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We are learning experience designers

We focus on creating environments where learning happens naturally, instead of forcing knowledge into students' minds. We build a community where it's OK to fail but not OK to not learn from your mistakes, where we trust students, and in return, students trust us.

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We teach for the real world

Instead of closed-textbook tests, our students create open-internet projects. Instead of finals, our students pitch their work to clients and teammates. We prepare our students for the real world by making sure they learn in it.

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We craft individualized journeys

We aim to develop a relationship with each individual student. Not mass-producing experiences slows down our growth, yes, but ultimately leads to a more fulfilling experience—for both students and staff.

Thinkers we admire

Become the Purple Cow.

We want to reach the entire world with radical, inspiring experiences. We've built a remarkable product, and we want to tell the story to the world in creative, game-changing ways. We can't afford to be ordinary—we need to stand out as much as a purple cow.

Open Positions

Paid Media Specialist

Cape Town, ZA / Full-Time

How our marketing team thinks

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We're building a tribe.

Our students are our lifeblood. We don't treat them as once-off customers, but as companions on our journey. We do everything we can to keep them connected to us, and to each other.

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We need the remarkable.

In today's world, not taking risks is riskier than taking risks. Our marketing is as bold as our product, and "very good" is not good enough.

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We decide based on data.

Our team puts its ego aside and faces the reality of the numbers. Every aspect of our marketing is measured, and we go to great lengths to collect accurate data to inform our decisions.

Books that inspire us

Tech so good it's invisible.

Technology is the engine of our mission. We build impeccably designed online products that enables our product to feel more human. And we spread our engineering mindset throughout the organization and multiply everyone's impact. If you want to just put your head down and code, iX is not the right place for you.

Open Positions

No open positions right now, but we're always looking to meet amazing people. If our mission resonates with you, drop us a mail at

How our tech team thinks

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Tech empowers humans to be human.

The purpose of technology isn't just efficiency. Rather, it's to leave our team time to do things that only humans can do: connect with other humans.

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Great design from line 1.

We believe that to have a great product, every single line of code must be expertly thought out. Design isn't something we tack on at the end, but something each engineer is responsible for, every day.

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Learning is the only constant.

We are voracious learners and generous teachers. We support each other to stay at the cutting edge, and spread our expertise and ways of thinking throughout the organization.

Our tech stack

Kickstart your career.

Because we continually push every employee to grow—often more than they believed possible—iXperience is an ideal environment for brilliant recent graduates to start their career.

We have a specialized program for recent graduates that allows you to gain exposure to many areas of the business and create connections with a range of mentors.

Learn more about our graduate programs