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Excel as a professional.

Gain international work experience, apply your classroom skills in the real world, and bolster your resume and get the edge you need.

Prove your value, earn college credit.

The chance to apply classroom skills in a professional environment is what makes iX unique. We'll empower you to generate real-world value during a 4-week internship with one of our local partners.

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Develop an overlooked skillset.

Master the soft

Universities often fail to emphasize the importance of soft skills. Developing qualities such as emotional intelligence, resilience, and creative problem solving leads not only to professional success, but to a more fulfilling life.

Get out what you put in

The real world isn't always a fun place—it takes effort and persistance to succeed. You'll be matched with a company based on your personal goals and interests, but also your commitment to learning and growing in class.

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Our internship partners.

We've partnered with a variety of companies in Cape Town, ranging from startups to international firms, to offer students an immersive internship.
(Internship partners for Lisbon will be announced in the coming months.)

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Edge Growth

Creating jobs to transform the social injustices caused by the lack of skills, education and jobs.

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Data analysis consulting services in industries from finance to retail, for local and international clients.

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Barclays Aliens

Aliens (codename for ABSA bank's dev team), specializes in mobile software development and tech research.

Take a sneak peak into our internship partners from previous years.

Explore our internship partners

"The iXperience interns are phenomenal. They bring with them academic energy, a desire to understand and a willingness to contribute to our collective mission."

Lee Watts – Talent Manager, Travelstart

Tangible deliverables in 4 weeks.

Apply your classroom skills in the real world—and bolster your resume.

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Carlos Couce

iX Data Science
Interned at Aerobotics

"In class, we learned a lot of the theory behind neural network algorithms and now, at Aerobotics, I have had the opportunity to implement those same algorithms while being surrounded by drones! I couldn’t have asked for a more challenging and rewarding transition from the classroom to the workplace."